Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

1) Get your supplies ready. You'll need stencil brushes/paper plate/ masking tape/acrylic paint.

2) Tape your stencil to your project securely with masking tape on all four corners of the stencil to keep the stencil secure. If you plan on using your stencil several times I would not suggest using spray adhesives. Tape works well. Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

3) Place an ample amount of your favorite paint color in the center of a clean paper plate. Tap your stencil brush lightly into the paint.

Tap off the excess paint from your brush onto a clean paint rag to unload it. LESS paint is best. :) This will help avoid “bleeding” of paint under the stencil. You can always go over it again to make it darker if you wish. Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

4) Lightly tap the loaded brush over the top of the stencil where the letters or design is. Start out light and repeat around the stencil until you get the desired look.

5) Let the paint dry completely about 15 minutes. Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

Lift the stencil from your project. If you do not like the look of the BRIDGES (the support spaces between some of the letters) take a thin paint brush to go over those BRIDGES.

Connect the lines of the lettering or design with the same color paint you used when stenciling. Clean up any paint edges with a slightly wet Q-tip.

A final trick. If you get paint that “bleeds” to the back of your stencil, NO WORRIES.

Just use a little of the same background paint used on your sign or project much like “white out”. Go over the edges you want to clean up. Touch over the paint that bled outside your script lines or object and it will disappear!! Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

NOTE: I always suggest using a spray sealer vs a brush on sealer to avoid reactivating your paint when wet. Just spray on the clear sealer lightly with even strokes and allow to fully dry. This protects all your hard work and actually makes the colors come alive. 


Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

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Stencil Tips by Superior Stencils

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