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From Humble Beginnings

Superior Stencils was born in my barn where I first started creating stencil designs to embellish signs & cottage furniture to help bring in extra income. I used newspaper to create my stencil patterns. Remember paper dolls? I gathered every piece of reclaimed wood and dumpster dive furniture I could find!

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Superior Stencils

Room For Improvement

Knowing there was room for improvement I spent countless hours stenciling, painting then sanding over my stenciling. 

Suddenly one day something AMAZING happened, those worn out stencil projects morphed into unique stencil designs!

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The Secret to Good Stenciling...?

The trick was that I never gave up and stayed true to my unique style. I am know for being persistent! I listened to my loyal friends & I learned.I knew my future had to be a part of what my soul LOVES.

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Superior Stencils

Then... in 2014...

I was slow and steady, carefully creating and testing each stencil design.

Then one early morning the fall of 2014 I knew it was time and so we began sharing our stencils with you.

Now when I wake every morning a peaceful smile rolls across my face knowing that I'll start my day doing what I LOVE, creating stencils for crafters and like-minded souls.

Superior Stencils describes our products and my personal commitment to you.

The best advise I can give to anyone is always be true to what makes your soul happy....

Be Uniquely You!

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I love stencils and the artistic flair that they enable. Check out some of my favorite stencil collections below.