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Garden Sanctuary Tile Stencil - Floor Stencil

Garden Sanctuary Tile Stencil - Floor Stencil

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The Garden Sanctuary Tile Stencil is a peaceful Tile Stencil Design that celebrates your unique style!

THANK YOU for your BEAUTIFUL photso everyone!

There is a lot of information so PLEASE CAREFULLY READ ALL THE DETAILS prior to selecting your size for the Garden Sanctuary Tile Stencil.

★ Sizes LISTED IS THE TOTAL SIZE OF THE DESIGN to cover your Tiles, and does not include the outer edges of the mylar material.

Tile Stencils are cut from 10 mil opaque SUPER DUTY mylar material to withstand a LOT of use. I suggest purchasing 2 Tiles allowing one to try while using the other to stencil. If you purchase a GROUP TILE STENCIL purchase a SINGLE TILE of the same size for hard to stencil areas.

Our first photo is provided by a DIY Home Crafter just like you!

Photo #4 Shows a Single tile design without Tile Guides.

Photo #5 Shows the Sizes Available for SINGLE TILE which is the size of the design, not including the outer edges of my mylar material.

Photo #5 Shows what a Group of 6 design looks like.

Photo #6 Shows the GROUP of 6 design sizes makes it easier to stencil large areas. Sizes are limited for size options 4"x4" Tile GROUP of 6 to 7"x7" Tile GROUP of 6.

Photo #7 Shows What Tile Guides look like and explain their purpose when you don't have tile already on the floor or wall.

Photo #8 Shows How to use Tile Guides if you are not stenciling over existing Tiles. If you already have Tiles down you DO NOT need Tile Guides. Please leave a note "ADD TILE TILES" or "NO TILE GUIDES" in the Custom Info. box at the top of this page when checking out.

Great for Patios & Linoleum floors to keep your design aligned along your tape lines. Start in the upper Left of your area and work your way to the Right edges of your space. Drop down to the second row and just follow through until each row is completed. Be sure when you're at the edges of your project to tape over the Tile Guides.

Please leave a note "ADD TILE TILES" or "NO TILE GUIDES" in the Custom Info. box at the top of this page when checking out. We supply Tile Tips to help you along the way but suggest you review a Tile Stenciling Video to help you select your supplies and prepare you for your project.

The TILE STRIP sizes located in SIZE works great for Stair Risers (Photo 2) ! If you do not see the size you need to complete your project please email us and we will add your size to this listing for you to purchase.

★SHIPPING: We do accept RUSH orders please leave a note in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS when you check out if you have a RUSH ORDER. Please upgrade to USPS PRIORITY if you wish to RUSH your order when checking out.

Your order will be cut, packaged and shipped out within 5 Business Days USPS or less upon receipt of your order!

FREE 1st Class Domestic Shipping on orders $35.00 or more!

be uniquely you!

Garden Sanctuary Tile Stencil - Floor Stencil
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