Superior Stencils June 2023 Topic: Tile Stencil Designs

Superior Stencils June 2023 Topic: Tile Stencil Designs

Well we are officially into Summer and what a perfect time to change that ho-hum boring area into a show stopper Gorgeous space!

Yes you can do this! We've created Spectacular Tile Stencil Designs that can be easily stenciled onto those dull spaces for very little money!

The following photos show just a few DIY HOME projects from our happy customers. But first a little info. about Tile Stencils.

The most common question we are asked is what size do I order?

The sizes we offer is for the size of the total design which does not include the outer edges of the mylar material.

If you order a 10"x10" size for example the design will be 10"x10. If you plan on covering ugly Tiles, measure that size carefully and order that exact size. Easy.

If you don't have tile down you can order whatever size you wish!

The 2nd most common question is what is the Stencil made of and will it hold up? Each of our Tile Stencil Designs is cut in 10 mil mylar. Our "tough stuff mylar"!

I suggest purchasing at least two stencils per project in case you need to cut out the corners of the stencil to lay against your areas edges.

When choosing a Tile Stencil Design take a good look at your space and ask yourself...

Do you want a heavier design pattern like Shakira, Sahara or Garden Sanctuary or something light and airy like Mod Circle, Chantilly or Garden Escape?

My suggestion is the larger the space, the heavier designed pattern to make the space comfy cozy. The smaller the space the lighter the pattern to make the space appear larger and homey.

The 3rd most common question we receive is what paint should we use?? Although we are not affiliated with any manufacturer we do hear a LOT of paint selections that are on the market from our customers and Rustoleum seems to be the most popular for durable outdoor weather resistant paints. 

Once you pick your Tile Stencil Design ask yourself, what background color would enhance the areas surrounding your space?

Then, what color would make the stencil design POP against the background color you chose! I hope these photos will help you make that decision.

We have many other designs which you can see in the Tile Stencils Catagory at the front of our store.

 Each of our Tile Stencils arrive with STENCIL TILE TIPS to help you along the way! I answer Emails frequently so if you get stuck I'm here checking in daily.

Photo #1 Sahara is our #1 most popular stencil design and you can see why. From Patio floors to faux rugs this design is delightful!


Photo #2 Shakira also our #1 Tile Stencil Design running neck and neck with Sahara!

Photo #2 Garden Escape is a close run to first and you can see why. Cleaner lines but so very beautiful! One photo shows a white bkgrnd. the other a gray.



#3 Mod Circle has clean lines and is very popular for outdoor spaces! Modern.


Now just because I showed you outdoor projects don't think our Tile Stencil Designs are just for outdoors. Oh NO! I've many more indoor photos to show next time!
It's a beautiful day for stenciling so I'm heading outdoors to see about stenciling some dreary looking garden pots! Yes you can use the Tile Stencils on pottery too! 
Have a wonderful Day and create something! Be Uniquely You!


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