Stenciling for the first time may be a little  scary 

but once you jump in you'll LOVE IT!  

I've created signs for years and have thousands of signs I've made so... 

Here are some of my secret stencil pointers just for you....





Get a GOOD stencil brush. Cheaper is not always better.

Paper plate or (if your on a budget like me), cut pieces of cardboard for a palette to hold your paint.

Masking tape to tape your stencil in place while you stencil.

Acrylic paint.

Cheap white cloths. Purchase from Walmart 20 of them for $4.00!



Tape your stencil to your project with masking tape, either in the center or where you would like your image. 

No need to buy messy spray adhesive, it stays on the stencil and makes a mess, especially if you want to reuse your stencil again.


Take your paint and put an ample amount of your favorite color in the center of the clean paper plate 

(go cheap like me, use cardboard scrapes). 

Tap your stencil brush lightly into the paint. 

Then tap off the excess paint from your brush onto the plate or a clean paint rag to unload it. 

LESS paint is best. :) You can avoid getting paint under your stencil and having to remove the access paint later.


Lightly tap the loaded brush over the top of the stencil where the letters or design is. 

Start out light ... and repeat around the stencil again until you get the desired look.


Let the paint dry about 10 minutes.


Lift the stencil from your project.


If you don't like the look of the BRIDGES (the spaces between some of the letters) take a thin paint brush to go over those 

BRIDGES (empty spaces) connecting the lines of the lettering with the same color paint you used when stenciling the letters and they will disappear. 

EASY step, and necessary to have your project look like it was hand painted by a Pro. 

A final Secret from a friend.... if you get paint that bleeds under your stencil, 

NO WORRIES... Just use a little of the same background paint used on your sign or project like "white out". 

Touch over the paint that bled outside your script lines or object and it will disappear makes those edges look crisp and clean!!

Happy Stenciling! 


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