Love NEVER Fails -Reusable STENCIL- 6 Sizes Available- 2 PC. Create Romantic and Wedding Signs
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LOVE Never fails Reusable STENCIL...

The sizes listed below  is the actual size of the total lettering.

This is a 2 Pc. overlay stencil. So EASY to use. Just stencil "LOVE" in a lighter color, then stencil "never ends" over the top of the word LOVE in a darker color paint.

About this item:
(1) New Stencil, laser cut from 7 mil blue mylar ready to use.
This is not a sign.
Original art design by Superior Stencils.

Your stencil will ship out within 5 business days or less USPS upon receipt of your order.

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Thank You-
Superior Stencils 2016

12 inch W x 4 inch Tall $14.95
14 W x 4.5 Tall $16.95
16 W x 5.5 Tall $18.95
18 W x 6.5 Tall $20.95
20 W x 7.5 Tall $22.95
22 W x 8.5 Tall $24.95
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