A - STENCIL BRUSHES we offer 3 sizes Large, Medium, Small
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Stencil brushes are as important as the stencil you select to achieve a professional result. 

Our stencil brushes are high quality and with proper care can last years and years!! 

Give one of our brushes a try and you'll be hooked for life!!

We offer three sizes, Large 3/4", Medium 5/8", Small 1/2" to fit each project you have comfortably.

To clean your brush rinse out your paint after you've finished stenciling with clear water dry with a paper towel by gently 

squeezing out the water and allow to dry by either laying flat or sit in a paper cup with the bristle side up!!

LOOK at our NEW Stencil designs starting at our HOME PAGE here... www.superiorstencils.com


3/4 inch LARGE $6.50
5/8 inch MEDIUM $6.00
1/2 inch SMALL $5.50
ALL 3 BRUSHES $16.50
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