Cow Pig Chicken - Reusable STENCIL Stack - Create Farm Signs and Animal Pillows
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Chicken - Pig - Cow Stack reusable **STENCIL**

This stencil has the mid-area of the stencil cut out with the stacked animal shapes so we do add "bridges" to support it. First stencil the animals in your favorite paint color, then when finished lift off the stencil and use a brush to go over the "bridges" lines to make them disappear for a professional look.


You can simply flip the stencil to have your animals point Left as in our photo or right.


The colors added in this ad were for interest only. The mylar material is blue.


Select from the 3 sizes below. The sizes listed is the total

design size, not the outer edges of the blue mylar material.

About this item:
(1) New Stencil, laser cut from 7 mil blue mylar ready to use.
This is not a sign.
Original art design by Superior Stencils.

Your stencil will ship in 3 business days or less USPS upon receipt of your order.

Thank You-
Superior Stencils2015


12 inches Tall x 12 inches Wide $15.50
14 inches Tall x 14 inches Wide $18.50
16 inches Tall x 16 inches Wide $20.50
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